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At Avonhead Baptist we seek to engage and support the church to go and do mission, pray for mission, and give for mission. We support special activities such as the Baptist Missionary Fellowship Self Denial Appeal and a Christmas offering. We also encourage the church to be active in “local mission” around us.

We are currently supporting:

Mission work in Asia 

Through the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society, supporting 3 couples working in Asia which includes:

  • Working in a business to help the poor gain skills and employment.

  • Literacy training

  • Youth Work

  • Business as mission


Unreached People Group:

In 2002 the church decided to ‘adopt’ an unreached people group in Asia. They are a group of about 125,000, with no Bible, no churches and only a small handful of believers. We pray and assist in whatever way we can those who are involved in reaching them for Christ. 


Baptist Missionary Fellowship:

Baptist Missionary Fellowship is a group who meet on the first Tuesday of each month (1.30 - 3.00pm) to pray and support overseas missions, especially the work of Tranzsend and the New Zealand Baptist Mission. 

Short term Missions

We do not want to only support missions from afar, but also to see first-hand the work we support through short-term mission trips.

If you want to explore what God wants you to do for mission in your life, please talk to one of the mission team, via the church office.

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