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Can’t is killed by try. Not very spiritual I know, but so often true.

Recently I watched a granddaughter take her first biscuit ride. She wanted to so much but was afraid. She looked at that biscuit, walked away, walked back, walked away again as she battled “I can’t”. Eventually she looked at that object and whispered, “I’ll try”. Over the next few moments I sat in the boat and watched as the look of fear on her face disappeared, slowly became a smile then a grin and finally a whoop of sheer exhilaration as “I can’t” was beaten. But for me the best part was hearing her shout “I did it” and to know that she had learnt something about herself.

How does it relate to our faith lives. Do we allow the phrase “I can’t” stop us from saying, “I’ll try”? Do we miss out on experiencing that sense of accomplishment and God’s delight as we whoop, even quietly, “I did it”. How often do we let it hold us back from what God wants us to do, be it talking to that new person sitting next to you in church to sharing our faith with a neighbour or school friend? God wants our “with your help, I’ll try”. Imagine how he smiles, even cheers, when we say, “I did it”.

Next month sees the completion of five years as an elder for me at ABC. I said, “I can’t” twice before I said, “I’ll try”. Now I can look back and say, “I did it”. Was it easy? Often not. God never said being his servant was easy, just that he would enable us. It has been testing, trying, frustrating, stretching, at times fun and there have even been tears. But it has been a blessing beyond measure.

Is God asking you to service in some capacity at ABC or in the community? To be part of the worship team, work in the kitchen, help with children’s church or youth, care for the older folk in our church, be an elder. The possibilities are endless. Don’t let “I can’t” win. Let “I’ll try” be the victor.

Eleanor Ragg


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