Continuing the journey

Kia Ora Whānau. I say whānau because as a church we are a family, committed to each other and to our faith in Jesus. Hello! The new year is waking up now, school is starting, and we are continuing to follow Jesus together into 2021.

Kids - bring your backpacks to church this Sunday! We would like to bless those returning to school next week, by praying over them, and giving you a token to put on your backpack from your church family.

A poem I liked as a young adult likens becoming a Christian with getting on a tandem bike with Jesus. Initially we say yes to Jesus, and invite Him to hop on the back of the bike (add Him to our life) to help us pedal through life’s journey. Part way along we realise, that He doesn’t want to be on the back, He wants to be in front doing the steering, not just enabling us to go where we think we should go. The change means that He takes us on unexpected detours. The detours are not on the map. We get to go places we never would have if we had stayed firmly in control. The good thing is that God is able to navigate when we can’t. Although less comfortable and predictable, life with Jesus in control is more fulfilling and satisfying than we could imagine.

This Sunday evening (31 January) we are starting our Sunday night gatherings. We are starting with a baptism service for Avalon Te Haara-Barr, one of the youth in our church family. The church will be open from 6.30pm for fellowship. The service will start at 7pm with the baptism. We aim to finish by 8pm with another opportunity for fellowship, and personal prayer available. Come and gather with us. You are welcome...

This year be prepared for God to take us somewhere not on the map. He is our Heavenly Father who loves us, and we can trust him to take the handlebars.

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