I am grateful...

It is hard to know where to start this reflection. As I think back over Easter this year, there is much I am deeply grateful for.

Thursday nights meal, chatting together and reflecting on the meal the disciples shared with Jesus. Taking communion and reflecting that the disciples had no real idea of what was about to happen.

Friday’s service, facing the reality of Jesus going to the cross, and the loss Mary his mother suffered.

If you didn’t make it to the reflective stations on Saturday morning, I confess I was taken aback by the powerful questions and the simple yet creative presentation.

Sunday morning, a number of people suggested they had experienced a taste of heaven. What a joy to gather with Hangsarang Baptist, Korean and English together worshiping our risen Jesus. Then Sunday evening, a small gathering of people to worship and celebrate all God is doing.

Thank you to everyone who helped, prayed, set up, packed up and participated. Have I missed anyone?

So my concluding prayer, “Lord Jesus, may our hearts continue to offer praise and worship for your great love, which lead you to the cross. In your powerful name I pray. Amen”

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