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I'm grateful

Over the last few months, I have spoken to a number of people who have been struggling with things happening within their lives. In listening to the issues people are facing, I am often drawn to the question, is the glass half full or half empty?

When we are in the midst of circumstances in life, we can feel as though what we are facing is all consuming. Yet when I listen to people and take a step back, while their issues are real, I am also aware that there is much that they can also be grateful for. However it can be difficult to see that in the midst of the storm.

So my simple encouragement to you is, are we grateful to God for the circumstance we are in? Are we thankful for His provision, are we grateful for our health? Do we rejoice at the love that He pours out upon us each and every day. These are but a few of the multitude of things we can give thanks for.

So if life is hard for you at the moment, what can you be thankful for in the midst of life?

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