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Someone recommended I listen to a sermon recently called “A worship reflex”. At the heart of the sermon was the thought that we consider everything we do as an act of worship. This thought is not new, but the preacher was suggesting that we respond to situations in our life with an attitude of our work, play, exercise, etc. being an act of worship. It changes the why we do things.

For example, I teach children because God has gifted me to teach, and so choose to teach as a gift of worship to God. I cook meals for my household as an act of worship to God, and give thanks to Him for the food we have to eat, and so forth. I am generous with what we have as an act of giving to God and worshipping Him, etc.

But then the preacher said something that caught my attention. He noted that in this world, we will have struggles and difficulties, but these will cease when our life ends, and if we love Jesus, we will see Him face to face. When we enter God’s presence, we will experience fullness of joy, peace, love, etc. Therefore how much of a gift of worship do we can bring to God when it is costly, when it is given sacrificially, when we choose to worship in the midst of difficulties and hardship.

It reminded me of when I was younger and a “treat” for Karen and I was something small and inexpensive, because that was what we could afford. But in some ways, it was more of a treat because of the little we had in those days.

So if you are in the midst of a difficult time, and you are finding it hard to give thanks and worship God in the midst of life, ponder what a precious gift of your worship is to God when you choose to worship Him in the midst of your circumstances.

Food for thought.



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