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This week, a discussion developed around churches operating like a business versus church as the body of Christ. It got me thinking about how as a church we process decisions versus a business decision making process. I was reflecting that while it might take time to come to some decisions, it is because we want time and space to KNOW what God is saying to us. In major decisions members are prayerfully involved in the decision making process.

For example, for some time there was a discussion about the life expectancy of our current piano. The current piano has required ongoing repairs and tuning, and at the moment holds some residual value. Therefore we prayed about it, seeking God’s guidance.

Sensing it is the right time, the Worship Ministry put a proposal to the Finance team for the budget for funds, in this case for the 2021 budget. This budget is then taken to the members meeting in November, in which each member is afforded the opportunity to consider the purchase as a part of the wider budget. Once the budget is adopted, the Worship Ministry leader then gathered the piano players to access the best piano for our situation. Catherine and the pianists also spend time in prayer before a recommendation is made.

At the heart of our decision making, we want to do two things. 1. To give time and space for God to lead us. 2. The members are also encouraged to seek God as a part of their role as a member. This process may be slower, but we want to clearly know God’s leading!

So, with this being said, a new piano has been decided on, and I believe paid for. So, keep your eyes and ears open for our new piano which we pray will continue to enable us to worship our great God! And please continue praying that we would continue to know God’s clear leading a guiding.

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