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This Sunday as we gather to worship our great, powerful, and amazingly compassionate God, we will do so together with the Hansarang Korean Baptist Church. This is the second of 4 combined services planned for 2021. It is for me, deeply encouraging to see the openness and growing relationship that is developing between the churches leaders.

This is, in turn, leading us as ABC church leaders to ask, is God wanting us to do more things together, rather than separately? This is a question that as elders we are open to gently exploring, listening for the voice of the Holy Spirit in the process.

One of the ways we are exploring working together is in the area of youth. For me personally, it was deeply encouraging being involved in the recent Korean Youth and Young Adult conference. There was a hunger for God among these people. I confess, I enjoyed the difficult questions that came and the sincere conversations about what it means to follow Jesus in 2021 and beyond. The Korean food was very tasty!

So, in keeping with our Statement of Intent to follow where Jesus leads, and obey when He speaks, as leaders, we are asking the question, Lord Jesus, are you leading us to work more closely with Hangsarang in the days ahead, particularly in the area of youth? Please join us in seeking God’s heart in this process. It could be fun!

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