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Last week I was away spending time with my two older children and their families. For me, having a break is also catching up on reading etc.

One of the podcasts I have been trying to listen to, and found thought-provoking, has been Fight Hustle, End Hurry by John Mark Comer & Jefferson Bethke. It has been an interesting process trying to work through their Biblical reflections on slowing down in a connected world, but also considering such topics as hustle, hurry, silence, and Sabbath. It has been the subject of Sabbath that has particularly caught my attention, with simple thoughts like considering starting the day in the evening with rest, which is a more Jewish world view.

So, this week, Karen and I will be endeavouring to reshape our Thursday evening and Friday. It will mean, among other things, our phones being off, no checking email, rest, celebration and worship. I am looking forward to seeking to slowing down and spending more time listening to God amongst the rest.

What would slowing down mean for you?

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