Prayer Moments

I’m looking forward to being with you on Sunday. We will be looking at the character Mordecai from the book of Esther. He is one of those remarkable people who has a big picture of what is happening in the world, a deep faith in God and the courage to act. He is willing to take risks, pay a personal cost and encourages his family to see what God is doing. He inspires them to join God’s work. Although God’s work was unseen and behind the scenes Mordecai trusts God and takes great risks to save God’s people. Mordecai, although relatively unknown, can inspire us. The life he lives will challenge us. The bigness of his vision and heart will encourage us. On Sunday we will consider a big picture of God’s work in the world now. The plight of God’s people, where Tranzsend is heading over the next few years and consider the great call of the book of Esther – ‘for such a time as this!’.

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