Prayer Moments

When I look back over the time that I have been involved in Mission particularly the Prayer Arm of NZBMS (BMF) I have been greatly encouraged at the goodness of God in answering prayers of many in regard to our Overseas Workers.

We have been given a rich legacy of the importance and power of prayer both from Scripture and throughout Christian history.

When we read Scripture it shouldn’t surprise us to discover that the greatest and most spiritually successful people in the Bible were people of prayer. For example, Moses spoke with God ‘as a man speaks to a friend,’ receiving God’s guidance and revelation for his leadership decisions.

It doesn’t matter where we are, God hears us. Not suggesting for one moment that we might be in the belly of a big fish like Jonah was with seaweed wrapped around his head when he prayed to God. God answered his prayer. Many years ago, George Muller took care of 10,000 orphans throughout his life. He did so without asking anyone for money. He would pray in secret and then watch God provide.

Prayer is needed for Sarkar Debbrota. Sarkar is the Manager of one of our Hostels in Bangladesh. He has Covid 19 and is very weak. Pray for wisdom for when it is the right time for those wanting to go back to the Country where God has called them, Jo & Charlie, Lizzie & Joel, Peter & Leanora and John & Helen.

Prayer is the powerhouse of any Ministry so let’s continue to pray fervently for our Overseas Workers and the people they work with, not just for Mission month but continually.

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