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This week we come to the end of a ten message series from Ephesians. What has it all been about? Perhaps the essence of what we have heard can be summed up in the title of the commentary on the book by Ruth Paxson ‘The Wealth, Walk and Warfare of the Christian’. Among the many gems it contains are these three: “Our present blessings are as nothing compared to the inheritance that awaits us in the future. Our rights as children of God extend far beyond our earthly life. The moment we are born into the family of God we become heirs to an inheritance beyond our power to estimate.”

“Being filled with the Spirit is not optional, but obligatory; it is not the privilege of a favoured few, but the prerogative of every saint.” Take a moment to ponder on these. Then sit down and read Ephesians right through from start to finish to get the total picture. You can only be blessed by doing so

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