Thinking about Mission

Today we start our Mission Month, when we focus on overseas mission for the month of June. Well I’ve been wondering, what does the word “mission” mean to you? What do you think of when you hear that word?

Perhaps you think of the mission work overseas, the various kinds of work that some Christians do in other countries. Well, that is part of it, and for this month, that is our focus.

But did you know all of us, as followers of Jesus, can be involved in mission? In the book “The Mission of God’s People” by Christopher Wright, the word “mission” is described as “all that God is doing in his great purpose for the whole of creation, and all that he calls us to do in cooperation with that purpose.”

So wherever we live, wherever we work or study or be involved in our community, we are part of God’s mission on this earth. The way you love and care for the people in your life – that is mission. When you pray for others – that is mission. The way you care for the earth – that is mission. The way you give food to the foodbank, or share what you have with others – that is mission.

So while this may be a month where we focus on mission overseas, do not let this be the only month when you think about mission. Throughout the whole year, each of us can be involved in mission, in many ways, wherever we are.

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