We have been preparing

If you have been reading the newsletters of late, you will have noted a lot of talk around Easter this year. There will be some changes to our normal patterns and we encourage you to consider joining us as we journey through the Easter weekend.

So mark the following gatherings in your calendar:

It all starts here - Thursday evening 1 April, 6pm - a shared meal together to share something of the last supper together

It all ends here - Friday 10am, 2 April - please note the change of time. A reflection on the death of Jesus

What now? Saturday 9.30am - 12pm, 3 April - The church will be open for people to come and go through stations for reflection as we consider the question “what now?” the disciples would have been asking.

It all starts anew - Sunday 10.30am, 4 April - Again please note the change of time. A joint resurrection celebration with Hangsarang Church.

Celebration - Sunday 7pm, 4 April - The worship team will lead us in a time of praise and worship, giving thanks to Jesus for all He has done.

I pray you will be able to join us as we gather, learn, mourn, grieve, wonder and give thanks to our triune God for He amazing love towards us.

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