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We've Been Dreaming

At a recent retreat, elders discussed the long term development of the church property, and how this could best align with the church’s vision of Discipling the Nations across the Ages.

They agreed to engage an architect to sketch out some long term options for the church-owned properties at 102, 102a, 104 & 104a Avonhead Road. The brief included redevelopment of the church foyer, the provision of additional office space, options for a community engagement hub, and housing. We also asked them to look at the flow of traffic in and out of the church site.

About 10 days ago Chris Figg, Ian Payton and I spent an hour or so with the architects. They presented us with four options, three of which were a good fit with the brief. Each of the options is a series of stages so that we can take one step at a time.

The sketch plans have been laminated and placed on the noticeboard in the church foyer. Please look at them, ask questions of either Chris, Ian, or me, as we were at the presentation with the architects.

The next step will be a discussion at the June members meeting (Tuesday 22 June). We are wanting to find out if members are willing to explore the development of the church land and buildings as generally outlined. If we agree in principle, then we will start to develop each stage, in consultation with members.

So can we encourage you to pray, look at the plans, and come to the June members meeting with what you sense God is saying to us at this time.

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