We've been Preparing

Next week we enter into June, and we are nearly half way through the year! Time is certainly flying.

But over the last few years, we have taken the opportunity in June to pause our regular teaching to remember and remind ourselves of the call of to make disciples of ALL nations. It is for this reason that we support a number of people called by God to live and work overseas.

This month is also an opportunity to financially support the work of the New Zealand Baptist Mission Society (NZBMS) Self Denial appeal and help them continue with their work of sending people to, specifically Asia and the Pacific, as God calls them.

The theme of this year’s appeal is “For such a time as this”, looking specifically at the Book of Esther and what it means for the church and our call to Mission in 2021.

So can I ask you to prayerfully consider the what the Lord would say to you during month, and how God would have you financially support the work of NZBMS, through the Self Denial Appeal. We are also blessed to have the general Director of NZBMS Alan Jamieson preach on the last Sunday in June.

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